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We offer a variety of recruitment solutions which are tailored to meet our client’s demands, ranging from specialist, niche skills delivered on a permanent contract basis, to high volume skilled workforces supplied on a temporary contract basis. The engagement of temporary workers creates a flexible workforce that can be scaled to meet demanding resourcing peaks.

Workforce have the experience and capability to proactively meet your resourcing needs, with a number of key benefits:

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Our workers can be more versatile than permanent members of staff and can be hired for a specific project or period of time.

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Cost Effective
Use of a temporary workforce can help to manage and reduce payroll spend.

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Workforce can supply highly skilled temporary workers at short notice, often in less than 7 days.

‘Like most upholstery companies, we can experience peaks in manufacturing volumes and have used Workforce to assist us with the recruitment of highly skilled manufacturing staff, predominantly upholsterers, sewing machinists and frame assemblers in order to meet customer demand.

We have found their speed of response and professionalism to be very good.  They know our business and the calibre of staff they have supplied to us, often at short notice, has been consistently high.

Candidates initially join us on a temporary basis and in most cases will go on to become permanent employees; importantly they are provided with good support from Workforce during the initial introduction phase.

We know that when we contact them they will need minimal explanations, get on with the job and get back to us.   From any supplier we expect good quality candidates, excellent service, competitive rates, reliability and invoices to be accurate.  They have proved themselves to us on all counts.’

Workforce continuously replenishes its database of skilled workers to ensure we always have access to the best talent streams, sourced by skill set, throughout Europe.

We also work on a contingency basis for many clients to help them deliver more challenging assignments which prove more difficult to fill. These roles are often very technical, require scarce skills or are more senior in nature. We consult with clients on an individual basis to draw up a detailed recruitment plan, utilising a variety of methodologies to guarantee delivery every time.


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Innovative Model

The innovative Workforce recruitment model is what makes us unique and stand out from the crowd. It allows us to source and relocate people throughout the UK and across Europe, offering them a new career perfectly matched to their skills. We take care of all the details, including assisting with their travel arrangements and taking them to meet our clients. It all helps them start their new career journey.

Flexible recruitment partner

Whether you are looking for a few new team members or enough people to look after your whole operation, we will build a long-term partnership with your business. It’s something in which we take great pride. With the right solution for all your recruitment needs, we really are with you all the way.

The Hiring Process

  • 1: Client consultation and job brief
  • 2: Resourcing Plan implemented and candidates identified
  • 3: Candidates relocated for assignment
  • 4: Candidates skill tested and interviewed
  • 5: Job offer made and employment commences
  • 6: Weekly payroll completed, workers supported and managed by Workforce



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