Brexit – Keep Calm & Carry On?

Let’s be clear from the start – for our business, Brexit is a very very divisive word.  

With our founding philosophy of “Always do the right thing, even when nobody is watching”, we know that the right thing for the UK, and its industries that need skilled European workers, is to embrace our neighbours instead of closing our borders. A lot of the dialogue around Brexit has centred on ‘immigrants costing the UK millions’ or ‘taking UK jobs’. Here’s a reality check: these workers weren’t sent to ‘take jobs’ from UK nationals, they’re a key cog in our machinery. They plug the chronic skills gap that the UK workforce can’t fill. Without skilled European workers, our grand ambitions of becoming a manufacturing hub are less likely than a dry January! But with a commitment from the Government to give skilled European workers the opportunity to remain within our borders, maybe it’s really a case of ‘Keep calm and carry on’…

Get the inside track on how your manufacturing business can manage the impact of Brexit with our white paper. Request your copy below.

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